ServiceNow - IT Service Management (ITSM)

Capgemini Sogeti has maintained a strong alliance with ServiceNow since 2009, and has deep expertise helping clients implement the industry-leading ServiceNow platform as an integral part of ITSM transformation.

Why Service Integration?

Service Integration can connect you to the cloud model, accelerate innovation, and deliver new levels of quality, costefficiency, and innovation in IT service delivery—or it can be a roadblock. The difference may lie in the approach and the partners you select.

Take a closer look at the role you want your service integrator to play in achieving your business objectives; then take a closer look at Capgemini’s unique capabilities as a service integrator. You’ll find that Capgemini’s comprehensive approach is the right approach to maximizing the business value of Service Integration.

Why Capgemini Sogeti?

There are so many Service Integration offerings on the market today, yet so few companies are truly achieving the benefits they expected from Service Integration. Three core elements truly set Capgemini Sogeti apart in its ability to deliver real business value, right away:

  • Our people are experts who collaborate intensively with your teams to ensure success
  • We offer a real blueprint and a real tooling platform, proven at real-world customer sites
  • We focus on business outcomes, not just technology integration

Simply put, we know this material better than anyone in the industry, and our success with customers lends credence to our claims. In fact, we are so confi dent in our capabilities that we are willing to be an independent service integrator if you desire independence and the situation warrants. Very few others in the industry will do this.

Capgemini Sogeti has been the major partner in rolling-out world’s largest global implementation of ServiceNow.

Our ServiceNow offerings include –

  • Consulting: Define ITSM processes and design a road map for ServiceNow implementation, including tool recommendation based on organizational requirements. Assessment also involves platform and process optimization for existing ServiceNow clients.
  • Service Integration: Transform current IT services using industry-standard best practices for better alignment with business goals and improved user experience. This covers process definition, tool implementation, organizational change management, validated testing and user experience management. 
  • Application Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance and enhancements in the existing service delivery platform with innovative pricing models such as catalog-based pricing.
  • ITIL-in-a-Box: Implement Capgemini standard processes for quick and easy deployment, reducing implementation timelines.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS): Develop business applications using the native capabilities of the ServiceNow platform.
  • Managed Service: Manage infrastructure services through Capgemini’s multi-tenant ServiceNow instance.
  • Upgrade: Roll out new ServiceNow releases on the client’s ServiceNow instance with optimum timelines and roadmap for product extensions.
  • IT Operations Management: Extend the client’s CMDB implementation to align it with business services.
  • Business Management:Enable clients to effectively leverage modules such as PPM, IT GRC, and analytics.
  • Automation: Automate frequently performed, time-consuming and error-prone infrastructure and application maintenance activities. 

We look forward to continuing the discussion around your Digital transition strategy and how Capgemini Sogetis Cloud Infrastructure Services can help your company manage its transition journey.

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