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"Den agile tester – proaktiv brug af testdesignteknikker til behovsafklaring" |Jakob Frisenvang, Capgemini Sogeti

Som medlem af et agilt team er testerens rolle anderledes – og bredere. Du er involveret fra første dag, og du har mulighed for at bidrage til dels at støtte dit team i at forstå forretningen, og dels at hjælpe forretningen til at beskrive deres behov på en letdokumenteret måde, som tydeligt visualiserer hvad softwaren skal bruges til.

Her kan et af de klassiske værktøjer, testdesignteknikker, være et fantastisk værktøj. I stedet for at se på dem i isolation som et værktøj til design af testcases, så begynd i stedet at se dem som et modelleringsværktøj til behovsafklaring – at du kan bruge det som input til en effektiv test efterfølgende, er jo bare en ekstra bonus.

I denne workshop vil Jakob Frisenvang introducere dig til en proaktiv brug, af et par af de allermest velegnede teknikker til visualisering og kommunikation, af brugerens arbejdsgange og behov. Du får muligheden for at afprøve det selv undervejs, så du går hjem fra workshoppen med nye værktøjer til din agile værktøjskasse.


"Can You Leap The Gap Towards Robot Testing?" |Rik Marselis, Capgemini Sogeti

Robots are entering our daily lives very fast!

Are you ready to leap the gap between “regular testing” and “robot testing”?

In this workshop you will experience through discussion, quizzes and hands-on testing what is different about robotesting. For example by using 6 angles of quality related to robotics (and mind you, with robotics I mean anything from a “tin man” to an intelligent chatbot).

Part of the workshop is to actually test a small robot, and you’ll notice that non-functionals become even more important than you were already used to. We’ll even see some new quality attributes. Thus you will be prepared for the moment that robots will actually be included in your company’s business process.


"How to Enable Continuous Testing" | Julie Gardner, CA Technologies

In the digital economy, everyone’s in the software business, and the landscape is constantly changing. However, shifting to a more dynamic, adaptive and continuous model calls for new tools, practice and understanding the detail of this journey is an essential part to becoming continuous–testing ready. Now is the time to re-evaluate and transform how we do testing to deliver more value to organizations, from a people, process and tools perspective.

Join Julie Gardiner as she shares


  • Recent experiences of transformations within several organizations and what lessons we can learn from each and how to communicate transformation changes
  • Evolution of tester’s role from testers becoming QA evangelists
  • The need to revamp processes/tools to make software more effective and efficient in a Modern Software Factory world.

Evolution occurs from a stable ground; you already have that; Julie’s stories will give you ideas for the next step up in your continuous testing process and how to get buy-in for investment.

This thought-provoking session will help you establish where you are, where you need to be and give you the courage to suggest/lead/make changes in your Organization.


"Simplify Test Automation by Moving to The Cloud" | Thor Olav Sørnmo, HPE

HPE Software will be presenting their new take on test automation, StormRunner Functional. StormRunner Functional is the new way of looking at Test Automation – from a on-premise perspective to moving the testing to the cloud. This will enable you to reduce wait time for test automation engines, infrastructure for running test automation and additionally, simplify the process of test automation itself.

This will be demonstrated together with HPE Octane as the main driver and engine for the DevOps tool chain, and we will see here how these two tools can bring more value to you as a customer.

During the workshop and after there will be plenty of opportunity to play around in the tools and discuss specific areas of interest to the audience.

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